Houndstooth & Tesselation in Split Ring Tatting

This is my Split Ring Tatting interpretation of Houndstooth Pattern.

It is also an example of True Tesselation in that tatted this way it forms a ‘fabric’.

There are picots on the edge of this piece. I was planning to tat a backside for it and make it into a pouch.

This pattern is included in my book: MORE Fun with Split Ring Tatting


Tesselation is a pattern that has no gaps or overlaps.

My Lace-Tesselation patterns do have gaps to create ‘negative space’ which creates ‘lace’.

This following example is my HOUNDSTOOTH design…..the design that started all my interest in pattern/repetition/tesselation.


A TRUE TESSELATION Pattern would look like this:

My LACE-TESSELATION Pattern looks like this:

I can also manipulate the Basic Design Element to form other patterns such as:

All these patterns and more are featured in my upcoming book: MORE Fun with Split Ring Tatting