I’m going to Palmetto Tat Days!

I have recently decided that I AM going to Palmetto Tat Days this coming Sept 5-6th!!


My 1999 Moto Guzzi motorcycle with a button picture of a motorcycle that I just couldn’t resist buying

Me and my beloved Moto Guzzi motorcycle will be  zig-zagging our way through the secondary roads of America heading to Toccoa, Georgia.

I am busy prepping my motorcycle & camping gear for the journey.

I am also creating more Glass-Enameled Copper Tatting Shuttles.   The enameled shuttles were actually the impetus/excuse to make the trip.

I invited my husband along to make the trip with me, but he declined….so its just me.

I plan to take a week to get there and a week to get home.  My MO is to take secondary highways (no interstates!) and to camp (tent-out) as many nights as I can.  I ‘feel’ safe(r) when traveling secondary highways and going through smaller towns.  I’m fairly careful when traveling but do feel a hightened sense of insecurity when around big cities and interstate highways–they ‘creep’ me out—everything is so impersonal.

I leave Saturday and am planning to be in Toccoa, Georgia on Thursday.  Google maps says the distance should be 1075 miles but the way I travel, it will be more.  Who knows what I will see and the people I will get to talk to on my way there and back!!!!  I’m a slight Extrovert (according to Myers-Briggs Test).  I really am ‘my father’s daughter’ in that I love to talk to people.  My favorite thing is to eat in local diners, sitting at the counter.  Eventually the ‘old guys’ will start up a conversation with me and I learn stuff.





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