About Moi

My name is Caitlin Bovard and I love talking about sex! I grew up in the bible belt here in the ol’ U.S. of A., and was wildly disappointed in the avoidance of all things sexual. In an attempt not to “tempt” young kids by talking about such deviance, I never saw a single condom or learned any detail about contraceptives, consent, gender or sexual orientation. Our sexual education in this country fails so many; if white, upper-middle-class/affluent kids don’t get the information to be safe, then I can’t imagine how it is for those who live in areas with even less resources or learn/understand things differently (i.e. those on the autism spectrum).

Currently, I am working on my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Denver, Colorado, but stay active in social justice advocacy and sex/gender/consent circles as much as I can! This site also occasionally incorporates my sensual art (the background, for one), yet another passion of mine.

Welcome to my site (and mind, it’s a jungle in there!), where my passions of sexuality, gender, journalism, social justice and fine art come together. I couldn’t think of a better representation of my spiritual, emotional and mental being 🙂