What I accomplished in 15 hours this weekend–NEW TATTING BOOK

Block Alphabet Book Cover

I have been ‘sitting on’ this book for over a year now.   It has been about 90% done (as in all the details that go into laying out a book, proofreading it, creating preface pages, and creating a cover) for quite some time.

But this weekend, starting Friday night, I started a marathon session(s) to complete it.  I was home alone (husband gone for the weekend) and I had the flexibility to stay up as late as my eyes could stay focused (1:15 am both nights).

As of last night, I sent it off to the ‘printer’!!!!  YEAH!!!!  (I seriously need an emoticon here!)

Today I ordered a ‘proof’ copy!!!!    YEAH!!!!

This particular book has been on the back burner ever since I got excited about my Quilt-Inspired Designs for Split Ring Tatting.

But since my Quilt-Inspired books aren’t ready for completion, I decided to test my ‘printing/publishing’ knowledge with this Block Alphabet in SRT book.  I decided to apply the skills for printing/publishing to this book with the better experience to know how hard I need to push to get the Quilt-Inspired books published/printed.  I absolutely want the Quilt-Inspired books done by the IOLI Convention the first week in August!!!!


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