Website Update

I have been working to bring over content from my Google Blogger site.

I have added in information as separate ‘pages’ under the PREVIOUS BLOG POSTINGS tab on this website’s front page menu.

I am working to figure out how to enable comments and have the comments show for my blog postings!  If you see a place to comment, consider doing so so that I can see if/how things are working.  Please be patient with me.

This weekend (starting tomorrow for me!) I’m leaving on my motorcycle to travel 350 miles away to go to northeast Iowa for a motorcycle rally.  It is not one of those ‘anything-goes’ type of motorcycle functions.  Instead it is a veeerrry conservative gathering of other people who ride Moto Guzzi (Italian) motorcycles.  This particular rally is the ‘National’ rally so there should be people there from all over the country.  Even though is it a ‘national rally’ there probably will only be about 300 or so people there.  Moto Guzzi motorcycles are quite rare and obscure.  We will ‘camp’ in tents in the city park.  During the day we take motorcycle rides to see the area, coming back to hang out (around campfires) during the evening.  Maybe I’ll take a picture of me in ‘motorcycle mode’ from the event and post here next week.  Of course I will take my little bag of tatting with me.  It goes everywhere with me.  I should have some relaxation time to work on a project.  My husband likes to read and so while he is finding time to read, I shall tat!  The trick is to take a dark-colored project to work on, one that doesn’t show soiling so badly.


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