The Pattern that won’t work

3-D Tatting Art 4IMGP4130.jpg

I have been planning and contemplating a large piece of tatting that I termed my ‘art-piece’ for about a year or more now:

  • I had it sketched out on graph paper.
  • I consulted my art-major daughter about esthetics of my design.
  • I tried to find just the right threads—colors and size.  In the process of this, I decided that I just ‘had to have’ Anchor Cordonnet–color light grey, black and then a bright accent color.  The grey colored thread was the ‘weak-link’ in the system.  I could get it in size 10, so I tried it….but decided that Size 10 was just too bulky.  I HAD to have Size 20.  The only place (that I could find) to get all the colors in the size of thread that I wanted was from ENGLAND.   So I paid an enormous sum of money to order it from England.  Thus is sat for a while waiting for me to get the project.

Then about about a month ago, I sat down to actually start the piece, only to realize that I had miscalculated the design layout!  What I wanted to tat would simply NOT work!!!  I had misdrawn it the first time.  ARGGHHH.

The design is based upon a series of designs that I have drawn/designed on paper and several that I have tatted already for my Quilt-Inspired Split Ring Tatting class and book.  It was supposed to have a 3-dimensional appearance even though it is completely flat (2-d).  I have an example of this concept already done.  The design idea works to a certain level….but not all the way I want it to.


There is a whole lotta designs that can be done that I am still discovering.  Many will be featured in one of my Quilt-Inspired Fun with Split Ring Tatting books and classes.





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