Textiles/Tatting at the Denver Art Museum

This is another post about my trip a couple of weeks ago to Denver, Colorado.  The purpose of the trip was to help my daughter move from Omaha, NE to Denver where she is starting grad school in counseling (I’m so proud). I have already posted a couple of observations and exhibits previously.  The last day I was there, we decided that we had had enough of the ‘moving thing’ and opted to go downtown to the Denver Art Museum (DAM).  We kinda screwed up by spending too much time in another part of Denver and didn’t allow ourselves ample enough time to explore the DAM to the extent it deserves.  DD & I found ourselves choosing which exhibits we most wanted to see.  I chose the TEXTILE Exhibit and was very pleasantly surprised by what I found there.

One gallery had a quilt exhibit.  Since I have been studying historical quilt blocks and recreating them into my Quilt-Inspired Split Ring Tatting series, I was interested in this.  As is usually my experience when viewing quilts (in a museum or at a run-of-the-mill local quilt show) I soon get overwhelmed by the incredible details in them.


DAM quilt on display featuring a picture created from small squares of fabric. Substitute rings for the squares and it could be a future SRTatting Design!

A second gallery had THE MOST WONDERFUL introduction to Textiles as ART.  I WENT CRAZY WITH the joy of seeing such a comprehensive approach to the introductuction of using fibers to create art.

The exhibit was split into 3 different categories:

  1.  Intro to what are fibers, spinning, weaving, dying process to create fabric
  2.  Needlework Art
  3. Lace Art

Lace ART Exhibits


Tatting Display


L: Tatting shuttles, R: 2 GR-8 shuttles & what looks like one of Gary/Randy Houtz’s pattern, almost completed.


Traditional and Modern tatting examples. The modern is ‘Hyperbolic Tatting’–a mathmatical approach to tatting design–genius!


Tatting Exhibit with a quote from HM The Queen of Romania–a famous tatter


Sol Lace Exhibit Part 1


Sol Lace Exhibit Part 2

I will be teaching a 6-hour class on Sol/Teneriffe Lace at the 2015 IOLI Convention this coming August…..Come have fun with me exploring a simple yet fun technique of lacemaking.


Bobbin Lace Exhibit Part 2


Bobbin Lace Exhibit Part 1


Needle Lace Exhibit


Battenberg/Tape Lace Exhibit


Needle Lace Exhibit part 2


Filet Lace Exhibit

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