Tatted (Quilt) Heart Design


Quilt-Inspired Tatted Heart

I’m not sure if this design for a Heart fits in with my ‘Patchwork’ or ‘NonPatchwork’ Series of Quilt-Inspired Fun with Split Ring Tatting.

It is ‘patchy’ in that is made of blocks of either squares or triangles.   But it is not squared-off—edges filled in with tatting to complete a square shape.

I also have a second Quilt-Inspired Heart design….not yet tatted, still in the design-stage.


2 thoughts on “Tatted (Quilt) Heart Design

  1. Thanks so much for leaving a reply…you are one of the first. I was beginning to think I was the only one who saw my website/blog. I have been having ALOT of fun playing with my SR circles, making various designs.. I am totally addicted to it.

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