Staggering Thread Choices


Wall of LizBeth thread options


A week and a half ago, I was at The Tatting Corner Tatting Workshop and snapped a couple of photos while there.   This photo is of the wall of the shop that houses the all the thread choices of one kind of thread–LizBeth by Handy Hands.  I thought I knew that there were ALOT of choices in color and size but when I saw ALL the choices in one spot I was amazed!

LizBeth thread is made in 5 different sizes:  3, 10, 20, 40 & 80

There are 96 solid colors and 83 multi (variegated) color in 4 of the sizes (all but Size 3) for a total of 189 color—-only 90 colors in Size 3

189 x 4 =  756

756 + 90 =  846

Thus there are 846 color/size thread choices in this one thread source!!!! 

Can you imagine keeping that kind of inventory?!?!?


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