Publishing a Niche-Market Book=Cheap

Cost Effective Desk-Top Publishing of a Niche-Market Book

In this page are links to chapters that I have written to share my knowledge that I gained in my attempt to become a published author (in a cost-effective (aka ‘cheap’) way).   This endeavor started about 15 minutes after I held my first printed book in my hands….I realized that I simple HAD to share with others my journey that got me to that point.  My hope was that with my information, others would have a faster, less frustrating path to getting their ideas into a printed book in a cost-effective manner. 

Click on the following links to learn more about my publishing journey and my attempt to distill the informtion I learned. 

1.   Introduction & Author’s Personal Perspective

2.   Basics of Digital Printing/Print-On-Demand (POD)

3.   Another Cost-Effect Approach to Self-Publishing: Home-Printing

4.   Definitions/Terminology

5.   Is Desk-Top Publishing Right for You?

6.   Overview of the Desk-Top Publishing Process

7.   Author’s Approach to Creating her Niche-Market Book

8.   What you Will Need for Desk-Top Publishing—Computer/Digital Needs

9.   The ShuttleSmith’s Approach to Creating Images

10.   Choosing a Print-On-Demand (POD) Company

11.   Starting a Publishing Project in CreateSpace

12.   CreateSpace Book Set Up–More Information

13.   How to Price Your Book

14.   Calculate the Costs of Getting a Book Printed

15.   Top 7 Facts about Traditional Publishing Companies

16.   Key Printing/Publishing Terms

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