Old/Previously-Published Blog Postings

In this site/page I will publish some of the more news-worthy blogs postings, some slightly abridged, from http://theshuttlesmith.blogspot.com.  I have been bloggin here since          2013.

As of July 2014, I have decided to merge my website and my blogging activity.  My goal is to only have one blog…..HERE where you are reading now.  This way I have the space and flexibility to post and publish whatever I want including patterns & techniques that I have written for the last couple of decades and have lying around in my files.

My vision is to have all MY STUFF in ONE PLACE!

So, the following subpages are previous blog posts that have been abridged and edited that show who I am and what I do.

Click on the following links to take you to OLD BLOG POSTINGS:

Tatting Tool found at the Iowa State Fair

My Wedding Picture

My Wedding Lace Gifts

Lace & Textile Finds in Prague, Czech Republic

Lace Finds in Budapest, Hungary

MORE Fun with Split Ring Tatting–Themes

Houndstooth and Tesselation in Split Ring Tatting

Shape of Rings (Regular & Split Ring)–Round vs Tear-dropped Shape

3-D ‘esque Design

Fun with Split Ring Tatting–Table of Contents

The (non-tatting) Secret Fiber Life of The ShuttleSmith

The ShuttleSmith at a Tatting Demo

Spotlighting Great ‘How-to’ Videos about Split Ring Tatting Technique

Using Tatting Thread as Decoration (other than tatting)

My Tatted Heirloom & My Tatting Heritage

My Love-Affair with Split Ring Tatting & the Start of my Publishing Quest

My Favorite Tatting Thread

Quick Tatted Baby Gifts (Socks)–Free Pattern Included 

3 Ways to do Split Ring Tatting Technique

My New Lamp–Tatting-Related

Tatting-Embellished Denim Shirt–Free Patterns Included

Quilt-Inpired SRT–Future Book

Another Way to USE Lace

‘A Tatter Lives Here’ Sign