Padded Split Ring Tatting–Quilt-Inspired

Here is a Quilt-Inspired Split Ring Tatting piece I have not posted yet.  The top photo shows the piece as a work-in-progress–it shows a bit about how the piece is worked.

The middle picture is a diagram of how “Rail Fence” traditional quilt block works….it shows the individual quilt block and then how the quilt block looks/works when the basic design is repeated.

In traditional Split Ring Tatting Technique, the block would have to be make with each of the four colors as a separate ’round’ with only the darker color being ‘continuous’ from one block to another.  However with the addition of Padded Tatting Technique to Split Ring Tatting Technique, I can tat a fairly large round continuously.  It’s all about efficiency in tatting and minimizing/negating thread ends!

The top photo shows 2 rounds being tatted at the same time.

Each ’round’ requires 3 shuttles:  2 for the ‘base-color’ (yellow &  black)–Split Ring Tatting Technique; 1 shuttle for the ‘padded-color’ (grey & blue).


‘Rail Fence’ in progress–working two rounds at the same time (3 shuttles per round)

traditional rail fence

Traditional “Rail Fence” Quilt Block Basics

Quilt 2

These are the two motifs that I used as the ‘challenge project’ at the recent 2015 IOLI Convention tatting class (Fun with Quilt-Inpired Split Ring Tatting) I taught.  Both motifs utilize both Padded Tatting Technique & Split Ring Tatting Technique simultaneouly.  The bottom motif shows “Rail Fence with several ‘repeats’ of the basic design element.


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