My Tatted Motorcycle








As I mentioned before I am a ‘motorcyclist’—a person who rides a motorcycle. I want to differentiate that I am NOT a ‘biker’. Bikers are rough/tough type people….the kinda folks you might cross to the other side of the street if you meet them. I am a motorcyclist in that I always wear a helmet and safety gear, even it I don’t have to legally.

Many years ago, I tatted this motorcycle. It is created as components and mounted to a piece of linen (which is sage-blue-green). I cheated and just pulled the thread ends to the back of the linen and hid them that way. I used a picture of a Triumph motorcycle to copy design/details.

2 thoughts on “My Tatted Motorcycle

  1. Hello Karen, is there a pattern avaiable for you motorcyle? If so i would like to purchase.

    Thank you

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