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I HAVE been busy with Tatting related stuff…honestly, even though I haven’t been posting here.  Sometimes I get bogged-down thinking that I ‘have’ to have a photo of something to be able to post to my blog.  That thinking is what constrains me from posting.  It’s not always easy to have a picture of something available to go along with a post concept.

Since I got back from Palmetto Tat Days (over a month ago) I have been busy trying to get my third tatting book ready to go to print.  The title is:  Block Alphabets in Split Ring Tatting.  It features 2 alphabets and their corresponding letters in different ‘fonts’.  There are also ‘frame’ patterns to go around the letters/numbers.  I am trying to keep the number of pages down in this book to make it cheaper to purchase.  I’m shooting for the $15 range.  I have all the patterns illustrated and have several designs tatted up to show how the letters and numbers can be used.  However, my hold-up is writing the guide to my illustratrated pattern-writing style….the how-to of reading and using my illustrated patterns.  I am confident that once the tatter understands how to read and use my patterns they will come to appreciate how much information is there to guide them easily through what looks like an intricate pattern.  I pack alot on information into my illustrated patterns:  which shuttle to use to tat various rings and parts of the ring, which part of a split ring to tat first/last to be able to effectively use regular joins and create Take-Off Rings, how to work your way through a patterns in one round without ‘tatting yourself into a corner’.

However, I get easily side-tracked from completing this book because I have so much fun creating new designs and physically creating a piece by tatting them into thread.

New post, I will tell you about my direction for my next tatting book:  Quilt-Inspired Split Ring Tatting Designs!!!

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