Lace on the Prairie

I am sooo excited about the upcoming IOLI Convention in 2015 for several reasons:

1.   It is in my ‘backyard’:   I live in Nebraska and the convention is being hosted by the Doris Southard Lace Guild in Iowa City, Iowa.  The actuall address is Coralville, but Coralville is a suburb of Iowa City

2.  I’m teaching–It gives me the excuse to work up design ideas into a book and class format.  I loove  the design/tatting work!

3.  Theme is “Lace on the Prairie”


The theme of the convention is “Lace on the Prairie”. I, being a Nebraska farmer’s daughter, embody that idea completely. I grew up ‘on the prairie’ and learned tatting from my maternal grandmother. Later I found out that my paternal grandmother AND grandfather also tatted. Tatting was truly a ‘prairie lace’ in that it didn’t require

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