I’m Back from Tat Days in GA

I’m back (a little early) from Tat Days in Taccoa, GA.  I actually went to work today because I hate to waste vacation days.  I use my vacation days to get away from Omaha.

I had a great trip for the most part.  I spent 5 days traveling on my motorcycle to get to Taccoa, GA, camping every night along the way.   Yes, I did get rained on (mostly at night) and there was one day that the temperature was hot.

I spent the time going seeing everything I wanted to see which included some very scenic roads in Tennessee and North Carolina.  I had one minor mechanical problem with my motorcycle but an ‘angel’ came by and fabricated a solution to my problem.

I went directly home and should have gotten to Omaha on Tuesday but was caught in a major storm in NW Missouri, 100 miles from home.  I was smart enough to get a motel room and waited out the storm till the next morning.

I will post pictures of my trip and of Tat Days very soon—when I have the  pictures with me and the time to post them.

As always the Palmetto Tatters hosted a superb Tat Days happening.   If you get a chance to go….DO IT!!!!  I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  It is tatting overload….and you will love every minute of it!



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