Highlighting (Part 2) & Cleaning up my Website


Photo from an Old Blog Posting–“Tatting Embellished Denim Shirt–Patterns Included”

I do know that my website is ‘messy’.  The theme that I chose to start creating my website probably wasn’t the best choice.  But all this web/computer stuff is not my thing!  I’m a tatter-first, a designer & shuttle maker-second, then the computer/web stuff comes after that so that I can communicate with other tatters.

So in an attempt to clean-up my website, I spent a few tense moments with my husband trying to figure out something  and I have persevered!!!!   I actually want to sing the song “I have survived…” here now.  Anyway, I worked on the OLD BLOG POSTINGS pages and instead of having a drop-down submenu item, I only have one page in which I have all the pages listed and linked to open in a new tab/window.  I’m not sure if opening the page in a new window is the right thing to do or not, but that would involve another (probably tense) conversation with my husband to figure out.  I choose my battles –I mean conversations–regarding technology very carefully.  The problem with him is that he doesn’t realize everyone is as technically savvy or as smart as he is.  (Do keep in mind that he is a Vice President for an IT section at a Fortune 500 company.)So talking ‘technical talk’ to this ‘tatter’ can be very painful to him too.

So take a look at my OLD BLOG POSTINGS section.  It is here you will find information that I had posted in the past to another blog site in the past.  In an attempt to keep what may be the good stuff (not just ramblings/dribble) I decided to move certain things to this website and this menu.

I’d be interested in hearing what you think of this format.   Email me direct at:  k.bovard@yahoo.com  or leave a comment on the page.  BTW, does the ‘Comment’ section work?????  Again, my lack of web knowledge is showing.

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