Highlighting Info on TheShuttleSmith’s Website–Part 1

Cycle B

I’m not sure if it is vanity or not that I want people to come to my website, find information they can use, and possibly give me feedback on what they may or may not have found to be interesting/informative/worthwhile.  I guess the bottom line is that I am a slight bit of an extrovert and because of this, I crave social interaction.

Regardless of my motive, I have a large amount of information related to tatting (& some other lacemaking/needlework techniques) on my website that I want utilized.  So I thought I would use my blog posts as a way to gently point to the content on my website:  www.TheShuttleSmith.com

My website main page features two main items:

  1. the menu bar in which I have all my information in ‘pages’ archived permanently.
  2. My blog posts….which are uploaded periodically.

Since I like to read and learn about other people (especially tatters!) I thought I would share things about myself.  That is why I have an ABOUT THE SHUTTLESMITH  page on my menu bar.  I just updated it by adding a picture of my tatted motorcycle and a photo of my ‘real’ motorcycle (also red–just don’t relate my choice of motorcycle color & me to the state football team that most Nebraskans are fanatical about!) and how I enjoy traveling to tatting events.

Here’s a direct link to that page:   ABOUT THE SHUTTLESMITH 

One thought on “Highlighting Info on TheShuttleSmith’s Website–Part 1

  1. Hi Karen,

    I sure enjoyed this post and rushed right over to read all about you! What fun! I love seeing what tatters look like (who cares but it’s fun to have a face with the work) and just fun to learn about other people with the same passion. Thanks for a great post!

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