Another Quilt-Inspired Approach to Tatting–Part 2


Log Cabin


Grandmother’s Flower Garden

This is The ShuttleSmith’s second ‘style’ of Quilt-Inspired Fun with Split Ring Tatting.

These two photos show interpretations of ‘Log Cabin’ and ‘Grandmothers Flower Garden’ quilt blocks using hexagonal split ring tatting motifs.  Each color block can be tatted continuously–I (Karen Bovard/The ShuttleSmith)  have worked out the path of the pattern for you.

There are a bunch more variations designed/planned, but not tatted into thread yet.  Offhand, I know that i have designs ready for  ‘Courthouse Steps’, a second form of ‘Log Cabin’, ‘Sienna Square’, and ‘Granny Square’.

I’m tatting as fast as I can!!!!  but am not keeping up with all the fun designs that I have waiting to be done.

These Quilt-Inspired Split Ring Tatting designs as especially fun because you get to play with COLOR.  We all have those great colors of thread stashed away (especially with the luscious choices Handy Hands gives us in the LizBeth thread line)—why not mix/match them together in various ways.   You can go the Coordinating route or the Contrasting route of color selections.


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