Need help deciding a name for my 2 New Quilt-Inspired Split Ring Tatting Books

I’m hoping that a ‘Quilter/Tatter’ can help me decide ‘how’ to name my 2 new Quilt-Inspired Fun with Split Ring Tatting books.

Book Number One is what I might call ‘Patchwork’ designs.  They are all square pieces and based upon stacking ‘square-rings’ (4-4-4-4).  All designs are based upon historically-named ‘quilt-blocks’.  SEE DESIGNS BELOW

QISRT001 xQlt014Qlt026 xQlt010QISRT013 xx

Book Number Two is a deviation from Book #1 in that it features a variety of designs that are all still ‘Quilt-Inspired’.  Deviations included designs based upon ‘offset-rings’ in diamond shaped based patterns, non-square shapes, hexagon-based, more open-work, and ‘pinwheel’-based designs.  SEE DESIGNS BELOW

Qlt001 xQISRT044 xQISRT005 xQISRT008 ximg217 x

QISRT021 xQISRT003 x

Any ideas as to how to name these books????  I do want to use the terms ‘Quilt-Inspired’, ‘Split Ring Tatting’ in the title for both.

PS.  I am working feverishly to get these 2 books laid out and printed/published by the end of July.   They will be debutted at the IOLI Convention the first week in August along with another new book:  Block Alphabets in Split Ring Tatting




A little technology win for me!

Today I accomplished one of the ‘to do’ things on my computer/graphic arts/technology list:   I INSTALLED A PINTEREST ‘PIN IT’ BUTTON ON ALL MY PICTURES!

This little ‘win’ is bittersweet when I look a my technology ‘to do’ list…..there are sooo many items on it.  These things are hard for me….I’m a tatter first and foremost who is forced to find a way via technology to communicate with the tatting world.