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Lace on the Prairie

I am sooo excited about the upcoming IOLI Convention in 2015 for several reasons:

1.   It is in my ‘backyard’:   I live in Nebraska and the convention is being hosted by the Doris Southard Lace Guild in Iowa City, Iowa.  The actuall address is Coralville, but Coralville is a suburb of Iowa City

2.  I’m teaching–It gives me the excuse to work up design ideas into a book and class format.  I loove  the design/tatting work!

3.  Theme is “Lace on the Prairie”


The theme of the convention is “Lace on the Prairie”. I, being a Nebraska farmer’s daughter, embody that idea completely. I grew up ‘on the prairie’ and learned tatting from my maternal grandmother. Later I found out that my paternal grandmother AND grandfather also tatted. Tatting was truly a ‘prairie lace’ in that it didn’t require

Staggering Thread Choices


Wall of LizBeth thread options


A week and a half ago, I was at The Tatting Corner Tatting Workshop and snapped a couple of photos while there.   This photo is of the wall of the shop that houses the all the thread choices of one kind of thread–LizBeth by Handy Hands.  I thought I knew that there were ALOT of choices in color and size but when I saw ALL the choices in one spot I was amazed!

LizBeth thread is made in 5 different sizes:  3, 10, 20, 40 & 80

There are 96 solid colors and 83 multi (variegated) color in 4 of the sizes (all but Size 3) for a total of 189 color—-only 90 colors in Size 3

189 x 4 =  756

756 + 90 =  846

Thus there are 846 color/size thread choices in this one thread source!!!! 

Can you imagine keeping that kind of inventory?!?!?


What I learned at the Tatting Corner Workshop that made my heart skip a beat

I love going to tatting workshops!   You learn soooooo much.  Actually I haven’t been able to go to many tatting workshops in the last few years because I had kids still at home and needed to be there (mostly to protect the house from teenagers).  So going to The Tatting Corner Tatting Workshop in Indiana was quite a treat.

While there, one of the things that I learned 1. Made my heart skip a beat and then 2. gave me a sick feeling in my stomach for awhile.  What was this, you may ask????  Well,  as I was showing a group of tatters at the workshop my ‘Quilt-Inspired Split Ring Tatting’ designs, somone said “Oh, there is a new book just out on that”.  I learned that the concept for a series of new tatting designs that I have been formulating for over and year and have been physically designing furiously for the last several months had JUST BEEN PUBLISHED!!!  By this I mean that Handy Hands had just published a 16 oage booklet that featured 4-5 different “Quilt” designs in tatting designed by a tatter named Billie Heisler.  This publication was quite the hit at the workshop.  From what I could hear, there were 4 copies to be had, and they were all in hot demand.  I quickly contemplated my designs/books fate…..and decided that no matter what the other book designs looked like, ‘my’ designs were ‘my’ designs and that I had come up with them and had the right to publish them too since I had come up with them totally on my own.  I did get a chance to take a peek at the ‘other’ quilt-tatting book and realized that my approach to combining quilting and tatting was different!  YEAH!!!!  I am soooooo glad about that my work is so different.  I would hate to have people think that I copied/plaguerized  another person’s work.

I have about 4-5 different approaches to tatting designs and techniques of working that are inspired by quilt patterns!!!    In upcoming blog posts, I will attempt to introduce these variations to you.

Right now I am busy creating illustrated patterns for my “Patchwork Series”.  I am also tatting up a few of them, so that they are ready for viewing on the IOLI website in the coming new year.

My timeline for my Quilt-Inspired Tatting Book is because I will be teaching a course/class on it at the 2015 IOLI Convention in Iowa City, Iowa–in August.   So my goal is to have the book(s) ready/published by then.  I have to mentions book(s)–plural, because is looks like I may have enough material to fill 3 books at this time.  I have been having soo much fun studying quilt historical  blocks and then designing them into tatting–split ring tatting to be precise.

I will fill you in more on my Quilt-Inspired Tatting Book as I go along.

Two More Days in Tatting Paradise

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of spending two days in Tatting Paradise, this time in Indiana.


My tatting friend, Jennifer Bartling who traveled with me to Tatting Paridise. She is making the BEANILE inspired necklace on the display next to her designed & taught by Shawna Wachs.

It was worth the two 9-hour (600+ miles one-way) days of driving (in a car–yuck!) that was needed to get there and back.  On the positive side, my tatting buddy and book editor, Jennifer Bartling, went with me and thus the drive seemed short since we talked the whole way there and back.  It was great to spend such quality time with a lovely friend.

The Two Days of Tatting Paradise was at The Tatting Corner shop in Greenfield, IN, just 25 miles east of Indianapolis, IN.  Although I learned that this tatting workshop had been going on for 14 years, this was the first time that I had heard about it.  I had ‘found’ The Tatting Corner a couple of years ago when I was trying to find colors of Size 20 Anchor Cordonnet.  This thread used to be available 20+ years ago but isn’t imported into the US for quite some time.  Someone told me that Jennifer Titus,  the owner of the shop carried it and since then  I have spent a small fortune on this wonderful thread.  I can use a ball from my old stash of thread with the new threads and they match in size, no matter what colors I use!  I officially met (face-to-face)  Jennifer and her husband Jerry at  Palmetto Tat Days in GA in September and it was there that I learned about her Tatting Workshop.  Since motorcycling was out of the question (too darn cold in November!) as a mode of transportation to the workshop and flying was too expensive, I decided to drive.  Since I was driving I invited my tatting friend, Jennifer Bartling along.  I usually hate ‘driving’ but having Jennifer as ‘shotgun’ made the 9 hour drive each way seem like a blink of the eye—we talked the whole way there and back!  It was sooo nice to catch up with her and the local lacemaking world that she is still a major part of.

I got to meet Kaye Judt, a tatting designer/book author & publisher.  In conversing with her, I learned that she used to own/operate and shop called The Heirloom Corner years ago which specialized in smocking and other heirloom sewing techniques.   When my kids were tiny (20+ years ago–darn, I’m giving away my age that way!)  I used to order patterns, fabric and supplies from her to sew and smock special clothes for my babies/toddlers.  Kaye was teaching three very darling projects:  a Strawberry vine edging, a strawberry basket, and the most beautiful red cardinal, designed very well to show wonderful detail.

Marilee Rockley was also a teacher and had a table full of her lovely hand-dyed threads.  I took a couple of pictures of her threads as I thought it made an artistic photo.

Marilee Rockley's hand-dyed threads----what EYE (and tatting and tactile) CANDY!

Marilee Rockley’s hand-dyed threads—-what EYE (and tatting and tactile) CANDY!

More pictures and comments about the tatting workshop in next blog post!