Ramblings of a Tatting Technique Junkie

I am going to call this my first blog post of my newly updated website/blogsite.  I started hosting my website on Google Sites where I tried to have a blog too.  But several people responded that they were unhappy that they were unable to leave comments.  Google Sites did not allow this.  So I decided to split out the blog to a separate site hosted by Google Blogger.  This did allow comments (which I love, by the way!).  However, recently I ran out of space on my Google Site page.  I had wanted to move anyway and try to put my blog and my website back into one site.  So my husband set me up on his own space and encouraged and helped my learn and use WordPress to write and publish my material.  Anything in the computer world is a fairly uphill battle for me, but this weekend, with his help, I did get a good start on this webpage.

I am still planning to keep my old Google Blogger blogsite going for a while, but I would like to consider switching to one/this site.   I will have to ponder how I go about that in time.

So as you may be able to see, this website is still under construction.  I will get my old content moved over as time permits.