15. Top 7 Facts of Traditional Publishing Companies

Read these facts to understand why niche-market books need to be self-published, that is, if you want to have any hope of getting your book ideas into print.


  1. Traditional publishers lose money on over 85% of the books they publish, so they only accept 2% of those that are submitted.
  2. They typically accept manuscripts only from established authors who have demonstrated a proven track record.
  3. Authors lose all control of their content during the editing process.
  4. Authors must still invest an enormous amount of time, energy, and money promoting a traditionally-published book.
  5. Authors typically receive 5-10% royalty on the wholesale price of the book, and from that have to give 15-25% to their agent. Do the math.
  6. The majority of books published by old-fashioned publishers go out of print within 3 years. Many books that are stocked on book shelves remain stocked for as little as five weeks before being returned, unsold, to the publisher.
  7. Old-fashioned publishers acquire all rights to your book and keep them, even when the book goes out of print or the publisher goes out of business!