12. CreateSapce Book Setup–More Information

Title Information

Three items fields are required. Other fields: enter as much/or little as you want—you can change it at a later date.  Does not cost anything to do this.

  • Title name
    • make something up if you aren’t sure or don’t have one yet—you can change it at another time.
  • Primary Author
    • Enter your name
  • Language
    • probably English?!

All books published through CreateSpace must have an ISBN


  • Free CreateSpace-assigned ISBN
    • Cannot use this ISBN with another publisher/printer.
    • CreateSpace is the ‘imprint of record’—they are the ‘publisher’—you are not a self-publisher
    • Books are registered with BooksInPrint.com
    • Only CreateSpace can be the distributor
    • This option is required if you want to sell your book through the Libraries & Academic Institutions Sales outlet in Expanded Distribution
  • Custom ISBN ($10)
    • Cannot use this ISBN with another publisher/printer.
    • Only CreateSpace can be the distributor
    • You can choose the book’s ‘imprint of record’.
    • If you select Amazon.com or Amazon’s European websites as distribution channels, this imprint will be reflected on your book’s detail page.
    • Your book is not eligible for distribution through the Libraries and Academic Institutions outlet
  • Custom Universal ISBN ($99)
    • You can choose the book’s ‘imprint of record’
    • You own the rights to this ISBN
    • you can use this ISBN with another publisher
    • this option is cheaper than buying a single ISBN number from Bowker ($125)  but not cheaper if you purchase a group of 10 ISBN number from Bowker ($250 for 10 #’s)
    • Your book is not eligible for distribution through the Libraries and Academic Institutions outlet
  • Provide your own ISBN
    • I bought a block of 10 ISBN numbers for $250 since I plan to write/publish more books in the future.
    • If you choose this option, you need to have the ISBN number ready for input and to choose your ‘Imprint Name’—this is your publishing company name. In my example I chose ‘The ShuttleSmith Publishing Company’. But I could have chosen Karen Bovard Publishing Co. or any other name I wanted.

Do not be too hasty in making your ISBN choice. Be careful about choosing one of the first three options because once CreateSpace assigns an ISBN, it cannot be changed.

If you choose not to make an ISBN number decision at this time, choose Interior under Setup on the left side of the screen to go on with the setup process. Your ISBN decision can be made at a later time.


This is where you choose what you want your book to look like and the price for your book!

Interior Type

  • Black and White
  • Full-Color

Paper Color

  • White
  • Cream (not an option with Full-color printing)

Trim Size

aka size of the book

Click on Estimate your book’s manufacturing costs to go to a page that will let you understand how much your projected book will cost.

Member Order Calculator

Here you will need to reenter:

Interior Type:

  • Black & White
  • Black & White with Bleed
  • Full Color
  • Full Color with Bleed

There is no price difference between with/without bleed.

Trim Size

Number of Pages: guess!

Quantity: enter 1 (Price per book is the same regardless of quantity ordered)

Note regarding BLEED:“Bleed” is a printing term used to indicate the area with a background image that will be trimmed off after the file is printed and cut down to the finished size. Since the bleed area will be trimmed off during the cutting process, there should be no text or other important information in the bleed area. Projects that make use of image bleed should extend any bleeding background and/or images 1/8″ over the final paper trim edge. It is recommend that all other text and graphics stay inside a “Safe Zone” printing area which stays inside the final paper trim edge by about 1/4″. This ensures a more professional appearance and eliminates any risk of type or images being accidentally “nicked” during trimming.

Order Shipping Calculator

Click on rate tables to see how the quantity you order can make a difference on the price of your book.

On the Interior Page is a box labeled Upload your Book File. When you have the PDF file of the interior/body of your book done, this is where you upload it to CreateSpace.


On this page you will choose how to submit your cover file.

Select from:

  • Build Your Cover Online
    • Wish I had seen this before I designed my first book’s cover! It is an easy way to create a cover.
    • There are 5 pages of 6 designs per page—30 designs total to choose from.
    • In choosing a design do not get distracted by the photos on the sample designs. You will put in your own photo/image and write all the text in the next steps.
    • Within the Cover Creator design you can import your own image; change font style and color of the title, author name, back cover text; change the overall background color; add author photos; etc
    • This is a slick feature! I only found it when I started to write this article.
  • Professional Cover Design
    • This is a fee-based service starting at $399
    • Use of this service does not fit into the principles of ‘Cost Effective DTPublishing for a Niche-Market Book’
  • Upload a Print-Ready PDF Cover
    • This is what I did. I created my cover in QuarkXpress and then converted it to PDF.
    • When your PDF is ready on your computer, you click on the Browse button and find/select your file on your computer. This will upload your PDF file to CreateSpace.