11. Starting a Publishing Project in CreateSpace

go to: https://www.createspace.com/Products/Book/Index.jsp   Here you will find a page that should answer all your questions about whether you can produce your book for a reasonable cost.

  • ‘Cover Creator’—templates to help you easily create a print ready cover. (wish I had found this resource before I created my cover from scratch!) Choose one and type in your title, info, and upload photos/art…..so easy!


  • How to create a interior pdf of your book.


  • ‘Interior Reviewer’—a service/program that analyzes your downloaded pdf file and lets you know if it is truly ready for printing by pointing out problems with your formatting. It will tell you if your images are high enough quality and whether any of your materials are outside the printable margins among other things.


  • Interior templates—I’m not sure how to use these. I think they are for simple documents that only include words.
Printing Options
  • How to choose a Trim Size (aka a finished book size), minimum/maximum page numbers, etc.
  • Black and white vs. full-color book
Distribution & Royalties
  • Standard vs. Expanded Distribution options


  • Royalty calculator regarding the various distribution options


Buying Copies
  • Member Order Calculator—here is where you can calculate how much your book is going to cost you!!!! Keep in mind that price per book is fixed and is not dependent upon order in bulk.
  • Order Shipping Calculator—learn how much shipping will cost to factor into total cost of book printing. This is where you can save money by buying/shipping books in bulk.


Setting your book’s list price:


Royalty calculator for your book

Just add in the list price of your book to see how much royalty you can collect by selling in different Distribution Channels: