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Mobile - User Interface

Which mobile ecosystems should we support? Browser, iOS, Android, Windows?

Unified Communications

Our goal is to serve our customers in the way they want to be served. We expect our customers to switch between various modes of communication, depending on where they are and how they are comfortable communicating with us. This could be a phone call, an email, a text message, or even an Internet form. A customer may start by looking at something on our website and then want to call or chat and discuss with someone. Our "someone" would want to have a awareness of what has transpired on the other channel. Do we need unified communications to enable this?

Social - Experimenting with Connections and Gameification

Gameification in Connections - how will we drive adoption?

Big Data - Create Competency in Unstructured Data Analysis

Create the competencies to load, mine, and explore the possibilities of Big Data within our organization.

Cloud - Standards, Guidelines, and Architecture to Support Cloud Deployment

Create the standards, guidelines, and architecture artifacts to support the movement of our current architecture into a cloud environment.

Cloud - Create Virtual Cloud Environment

Create a virtual cloud environment that can support internal, external, and hybrid configurations.

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